Best Practices

Stay on top of best practices and on schedule with required reports.

TherapyCharts® assists your efforts to stay up-to-date on the latest best practices. Convenient reminders and requests keep you on top of best practices and on schedule with required reports and updates, mandatory fields with content validation eliminate many costly mistakes, and the ability to share records with colleagues electronically means you can provide your patients the care and medication they need faster.

If you are like most practicing therapists, you are probably still using a pen, paper, and a filing cabinet to maintain patient records, and then sending your closed records for filing to off-site storage facilities. Not only does maintaining records this way cost money, but it's slow and inefficient. If your patient returns or requires records transferred to a new doctor they may have to wait weeks. TherapyCharts® gives you access to your files from any location, at any time. Within a few mouse clicks, regardless of when the patient was last seen, you'll be able to provide them with the care they need. Additionally, it's legible. It’s portable. It’s automatically organized – not lost, not misplaced. The overall result? Better care.

Thanks to our clear-cut approach to documentation and storage, you will have more time for what really matters – helping people get better.

"When I moved from Boston to Phoenix, it took 3 weeks for my therapist to find and fax my records to me. I was horrified, as I couldn't get my medications without them!"

Sarah L.

If you already own and use a computer with internet access, the base price of using TherapyCharts® is just $75/month. There are no setup fees, no additional equipment necessary to buy or maintain, and no need to change your operating system. Microsoft and Apple (and even Linux) live together in harmony with TherapyCharts®.
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