Full HIPAA Security

Take fully HIPAA compliant security and privacy with you.

Take fully HIPAA compliant security and privacy with you.

Take fully HIPAA compliant security and privacy with you.

TherapyCharts® features hassle-free, fully HIPAA compliant mobility and privacy, more secure than most banks.

We've only just begun to see the effects of HIPAA legislation on the mental health care industry. With health-care reform at the top of Congress's agenda, and a new HIPAA policy included as part of President Obama's stimulus package in February, change is indeed coming. New reforms call for stricter enforcement and enhanced penalties of as much as $1.5 million for violations.

Why take the risk?

If you use an electronic health records (EHR) system that stores patient records on your local computer, then you are personally liable for those records. Many EHR systems include HIPAA compliant features, but few are fully HIPAA compliant.

TherapyCharts® is a fully HIPAA compliant EHR, and because your patient records are not stored on your local computer, we assume the HIPAA liability risk, not you*. As it should be. You’ve got more important things to worry about.

We can handle it.

TherapyCharts® features software approved by the NSA for top secret information and our web-based system is more secure than most online banks. This means you can enjoy secure access from any location. We’re hassle free too. There’s no VPN “tunnel” or other technical security to configure when you’re on the road. Give us a try. We’ll make your life easier.

* TherapyCharts, LLC guarantees that patient records on its servers will be stored and accessed according to security and privacy standards that meet or exceed full HIPAA compliance. You, of course, will still need to take common sense precautions to protect records in your possession, for example, printouts on your office desk.

TherapyCharts® runs on all major computer operating systems and web browsers; no installations necessary. Access your charts on a Windows machine during the day and from a Mac computer later in the evening. Hassle free.

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