A growing feature list

TherapyCharts® is always improving. Enjoy hassle-free system upgrades.

TherapyCharts®, the first web based EHR, allows new features and best practice updates are regularly added to your service automatically; there is no need for you to install new software. Examine some screenshots (and click on them for more detailed view and expand it to full size) and browse the current list of key features and benefits below:


Patient List Treatment Plan Progress Note Patient Info


  • Full Wiley PracticePlanners Series - Treatment, Note, and Homework Planners
  • Access your clinical records from home or office.
  • Psychology focused work-flow means less distraction and more support for your psychology-specific needs.
  • Hassle-free system upgrades. No software installations required.
  • No maintenance of back-up storage hardware required.
  • Full HIPAA and HITECH compliance together with off-site record storage management system reduces hassle, cost, and monthly liability risks.
  • Redundant record storage management system and permanent searchable archives safeguards against lost files.
  • Always legible records and mandated reviews means insurance companies are more likely to pay.
  • The TherapyCharts® 100% web-based approach supports all major computer operating systems and web browsers from the same account. Access from Windows while at the office. Access the same account from your Mac when at home or at the coffee shop. Work wherever you want. Work wherever you need.

You can also view some of our tutorials within our knowledge base.

  • The First 100% web-based
  • Psychology focused work-flow including Progress Notes, Treatment Plans, and more
  • DSM-IV & DSM-5 Diagnosis
  • ICD-9 & ICD-10 Coding
  • Appointment scheduling system
  • Multi therapist group office scheduling
  • Patient info and list
  • Payment tracking
  • Private Pay Invoice printing & billing
  • Report messages
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Intakes forms
  • Discharge forms
  • Treatment Plan forms
  • Progress Note forms
  • Treatment Plan Templates
  • Mandated 90 day and annual reviews
  • Print forms in PDF or MS .doc format
  • Voice Recognition and Transcription support
  • Document manager
  • Assessment recording
  • Permanent archives
  • Secure per user NSA (nsa.gov) approved AES 256 database level encryption.
  • Fully HIPAA security compliant
  • Fully HITECH security compliant
  • Redundant off-site record storage management system
  • Import data from TheraScribe 5 desktop edition