How can we help you?

You're not on your own. If you have questions or concerns, send us feedback or give us a call.

Training Videos

To make learning how to use TherapyCharts as easy as possible, we created a set of detailed and topic-specific training videos - watchable anytime, anywhere. Many questions about where things are and workflow examples are shown in our videos.

Common Concerns

Read about Common Concerns in our knowledge base. Perhaps your question has already been answered there. The knowledge base is a community contributed resource where you can find product documentation, best practices, tutorials, current projects, and much more. The knowledge base also provides support insights, the Full FAQ, and more.


For technical inquiries while using our software, the best approach is to use the feedback mechanism built into the application. Please expect a response via internal message within 1-2 business days. If you request a call back to further clarify the issue, please provide times over the next few business days that you will be available to answer your phone.

Phone Support

We offer phone support for common issues. Please call us at 866-288-9758 and our customer support staff may be able to assist. They can answer your basic questions but cannot go into details about clinical records as they will not have access. In all other situations, please submit a feedback message describing the issue. Our staff with appropriate security levels will respond via internal message or call you back M-F 9:30am-4:30pm ET depending on the nature of the issue.
For an overview of how TherapyCharts looks and works, please view our demo video. Personalized Training and Demo sessions may be scheduled by request. They are usually conducted by psychologists and other trained mental health professionals who are familiar with the software and actual practice. To maintain appropriate size, they need to be scheduled approximately 1 week in advance using the feedback button built into the application and found in the lower right after you login. Before scheduling, it is best if you review the videos that cover many areas of the system. This will allow our staff to focus your session on more specific or organization-related training elements.