Provide better care

Stay on top of best practices and on schedule with required reports.

Tracking treatment progress is essential to providing effective therapy, that's why TherapyCharts® makes the treatment planning process central to its record system. One way we do this is by providing helpful reminders at 90 and 365 day check points. These progress check points make it easy for you to both re-evaluate treatment and to help your patients track their own progress. Key data, like treatment goals, can be tracked over time right on the progress note, so you can easily monitor progress without flipping through bloated charts and without ever having to worry about legibility. TherapyCharts® makes it possible for you to easily gather a range of information from clients to determine how (or if) you want to integrate that information into their treatment model providing you, the expert, the flexibility to interact with your clients the way you feel is best.

To assist you further, our team at TherapyCharts® incorporates regular updates based on the best practice directives of organizations like the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Data suggests that providers who follow CARF guidelines enjoy lower general and professional liability risk, and produce better outcomes than counterparts who do not implement these standards.

  • Psychology focused work-flow
  • Friendly reminders to follow community standards
  • Cost saving reminders of insurance authorization expiration dates
  • Forces completion of all required fields
  • Forces creation of a treatment plan
  • Forces 90 day and annual reviews
  • Ensures legibility
  • Safeguards against lost files