Save time and money.

Spend more time on what really matters – helping people get better.

No more messy stacks and files of paper to maintain and search through. No more writing out the same data multiple times on multiple forms. And TherapyCharts® is web-based, so there are no extra costs, no yearly installations to worry about, and no ongoing maintenance of backup drives to be distracted by.

If you are still using pen and paper charts, you will save money and time by switching to TherapyCharts®. Convenient reminders and requests will also help you stay on top of best practices and on schedule with required reports and updates.

If you are already using an electronic health record system, TherapyCharts® offers the lowest total cost available. Moreover, TherapyCharts® relieves you of the hassle and liability risk of storing your own patient record backups.

If you already own and use a computer with internet access, the total cost of using TherapyCharts® is just $75/month. There are no setup fees, no additional equipment necessary to buy or maintain, and no need to change your operating system. We work well with others; Microsoft and Apple (and even Linux) live together in harmony with TherapyCharts®

  • You type faster than you write
  • Commonly used fields are filled in for you
  • Reduces the redundancy of paper charts
  • Most data accessible within 3 clicks
  • Data stored electronically means less paper for you to buy, store, etc.
  • Eliminate the need and cost of "iron mountain" services

In the News

"Estimated cost savings to hospitals from the use of electronic health records are quite large: For example, a RAND study published in 2005 calculated that the inpatient savings from efficiency alone could total $57 billion annually within 15 years, assuming a 90 percent adoption rate. Iron Mountain, a data storage and protection company that claims to work with about a third of the nation's hospitals, estimates that the 6,000 hospitals in the U.S. spend about $10 billion a year to store and manage 500 million patient records. "