Secure your records.

Take fully HIPAA compliant security and privacy with you.

Be more secure and mobile than ever. Because TherapyCharts® doesn’t store records on your PC, you are free to access your charts from any computer, anywhere. On the road if you must. At your favorite coffee shop, if you like. TherapyCharts® features hassle-free, fully HIPAA compliant mobility and privacy that is more secure than most online banks. TherapyCharts® relieves you of the hassle and liability risk of storing your own patient record backups.

The same technology that makes TherapyCharts® more secure and mobile, also makes it more affordable. TherapyCharts® offers the lowest total cost available. If you already own and use a computer with internet access, the total cost of using TherapyCharts® is just $75/month. There are no setup fees, and no additional equipment necessary to buy or maintain.

TherapyCharts® runs on all major computer operating systems and web browsers; no installations necessary. You can access your charts on a Windows machine during the day and from a Mac computer later in the evening. Work wherever you want and wherever you need.

  • Database security technology approved by the NSA for "top secret information"
  • Securely access your clinical records from any location
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant
  • Forces 90 day and annual reviews
  • Ensures legibility
  • Safeguards against lost files